I still remember how I got to know Mitulo, the first bar belonging to the Laredo brothers. My friend Estanis Nuñez’s photography studio was right next door, so he used to spend a lot of time there. When I visited him at the studio, we always ended up having a beer at Mitulo. At that time, it was a small bar where David and Miguel looked after the customers while their parents were in the kitchen. Over time David developed an interest in cooking and Miguel in wine, and later they were joined by their brother Javier. Soon everyone in the wine business was talking about Mitulo. It was almost impossible to get one of those high tables they had to taste David’s dishes and enjoy the bottles proposed by Miguel.

It’s not that Mitulo’s space was too small, too soon. It had been born too small, but in 2004 it became impossible. So they moved from Doctor Esquerdo Street to a bigger place on Menorca Street.

Here they had a good-sized bar, the spirit of Taberna Laredo, and a small dining room. As usual, they strived to source the best ingredients and together with their ability to make customers feel at home, ensured the continued success of the Laredo family, with Javi taking over the bar while Miguel looked after the dining room. Acclaimed by both critics and customers, they had more and more regulars, and the new, well-loved space in Menorca soon proved to be small too…

So, in the summer of 2012, regardless of the crisis and the economic situation, out they went bravely in search of a new home. This time they had to find something else. And they found it nearby, on Doctor Castelo Street, halfway between Mitulo and Taberna Laredo. With a huge bar, a spacious dining room and a kitchen like they had never had (it was unbelievable the dishes they were able to cook in the tiny kitchen of Mallorca), this was clearly more than a tavern. With a sleek interior design and a glass cabinet to display their fresh produce, the new Laredo has been packed from day one. The quality and the work are obvious. And we’re still eating and drinking as well as ever.

Tel.: +34 91 573 30 61    |    C/ Doctor Castelo, 30 (Madrid) Spain    |    @2012 LAREDO